BAKERSDAUGHTERChristine grew up in a bakery,  she never knew a life outside of hard work, early hours, pride in your trade and sweets. You can recognize these traits and a lifetime of passion when you bite into The Baker’s Daughter truffles.

There are no short cuts to perfection.  Hand made molds and tried and true recipes of uniquely blended ingredients create imaginative palates of flavors.  The art… infusing childhood memories into chocolate.   Remember gun caps?  Let your inner child experience gun caps aroma infused in a rich, creamy dark chocolate.  Chai tea? The consenses is; it tastes like Christmas.  No need for a campfire, bite into this sweet morsel and taste graham cracker with the smooth layer of marshmallow and finish with rich chocolate.  This will leave you wanting S’more.   It just keeps getting better with wasabi and peanut, lavender and jasmine tea truffles.  Christine’s creativity seems boundless and her vast collection of avant garde and traditional chocolates will please any chocolate lover’s appetite.

Her Story…

When Christine was  tall enough to see the top deck of the oven she went with her father to the bakery to help him in the mornings. Although while helping in the bakery as a child, Christine never understood why they did things a certain way,  it was not until much later that she finally connected all the knowledge passed to her  in her youth to the new trade she was trying to learn.

In 2004 she graduated from high school convinced that I would never work in a kitchen, she wanted to be an interior designer. That never happened, Christine claims she wasn’t very good, and to make a living she had to start working in a place where she felt comfortable, where she thrived… in a Kitchen.

Her father set up an apprenticeship with the grandson of a man my father use to work for.  In 2006 Christine started her Apprenticeship with Olivier Hofmann.

Boulangerie Hofmann is tucked away in a rural part of Switzerland that has ruins of the days where Pewter Mining was the driving economic force of the village and the number of cows vastly outnumbers the the amount of inhabitants.  Hofmann’s place was founded in 1882 by his great grandfather, it remains one of the few places where you do something the hard way just for the sake of tradition. Christine loved it there.  She graduated top of her class in 2009.

Retuning home in 2010, Christine wanted to help her dad again, and ended up opening The Baker’s Daughter on her side of the shop.

The Baker’s Daughter chocolates will be featured at our 7th Anniversary Open House Trunk Show Tuesday, April 23rd from 11:00 – 4:00pm.

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