Paperwreath_ceilingPaper Wreaths by Do Me a FavoWrapping gifts is our business.  Our love of paper makes it difficult to discard any cuttings. We created an a fun way to embellish our packages, doors, and ceiling to inspire the use of paper.

Here are instructions on how to create your paper wreath.

To create your paper wreath, all you need is a glue gun, a round piece of foam core or lightweight corrugated board, paper, ribbon or wire and a an eye for mixing color and patterns.

Instructions_paperwreath_loopFirst, cut your light weight corrugated board (you can use a dense heavy weight paper for small embellishing wreaths.) into a circle approximately have of the estimated diameter of the completed wreath.


Instructions_paperwreath_remnantsPoke two holes into the center of the board.  Feed the wire or ribbon through each hole through to the other side of the board.  Twist the wire or tie the ribbon tails together to secure on the other side forming a loop on one side as shown.

You  can glue the cut board onto a piece of your remnant paper and trim the paper to the edge of the circular board prior to securing the wire or ribbon for a more detailed presentation.

Instructions_paperwreath_rollCut your remnants into a rectangular shape.  Fold in half with the paper pattern on the outside.  Trim the folded paper into a square.  Try mixing patterns in complimenting colors or use the same paper, or try varying shades of one color to create a monochromatic design.  

Do not cut where the paper is folded. 

Next, roll the corner on the fold inward to form a cone shape.

Instructions_paperwreath_glueGlue the edge to hold in place.

Adhere the cones to the cut out board on the opposite side that the loop is on.  Line up the next cone you are going to glue in place up with the previously glued cone so the cones are even and balanced.

Glue the cones on in clockwise order. 

When you complete gluing the circle of  cones you can add a second layer of slightly smaller cones on top to fill in open spaces or to add another design element to your wreath.  You can continue layering cones until the center is covered and the wreath is complete.  Try adding embellishments of pleated paper, ribbon appliques, or paper flowers in the center to help cover your mechanics and give the wreath a finished look.  

To adorn a wrapped gift, simply feed the ribbon tied around gift through the loop and tie a bow to secure the wreath. 


Paper Wreath Presentation by Do Me a Favor


Paper Wreath Store display at Do Me a Favor


Cabbage Rose and Paper Wreath Gift Presentation by Do Me a Favor


Rosette & Paper Wreath Presentation by Do Me a Favor