What could be more earth friendly than biodegradable and non toxic?  We have an environmentally friendly and effective solution to care for all of your laundering needs.   The Laundress is one of our prized lines offering non toxic detergents that are 100% biodegradable.  If we all used detergents that were made with plant derived ingredients and free of sodium laureth sulphates, petroleum, phthalate, parabens and chlorine bleach, imagine how happy our planet (and your clothes) would be.

32oz_BabyDetergentThe Laundress Baby detergent is our top recommendation16oz_StainSolution for new moms. The sweet baby and powdery fragrance is naturally soothing.    We have personally witnessed the power of stain fighting enzymes combined with color guard can be in this detergent.  This specially formulated detergent is gentle enough for baby and strong enough to take care of all of the little (and big) messes.  Pair this detergent with The Laundress Stain Solution and if treated properly, tough 32oz_WhitesDetergentstains can be conquered.

The Laundress Whites detergent  is formulated to keep your whites as clean and bright as new. It is composed to illuminate your white laundry by combining a natural bleach alternative and stain fighting enzymes with a classic scent.  So if you’re tired of toxic dry cleaning, chemicals and harmful additives, try The Laundress products and wash with confidence.

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