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Doing laundry can make you feel good

April 22nd, 2014|

What could be more earth friendly than biodegradable and non toxic?  We have an environmentally friendly and effective solution to care for all of your laundering needs.   The Laundress is one of our prized lines offering non toxic detergents that are 100% biodegradable.  If we all used detergents that were made with plant derived ingredients and free of sodium laureth sulphates, petroleum, phthalate, parabens and chlorine bleach, imagine how happy our planet (and your clothes) would be.

The Laundress Baby detergent is our top recommendation for new moms. The sweet baby and powdery fragrance is naturally soothing.    We have personally witnessed the power of stain fighting enzymes combined with color guard can be in this detergent.  This specially formulated detergent is gentle enough for baby and strong enough to take care of all of the little (and big) messes.  Pair this detergent with The Laundress Stain Solution and if [...]

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Top 10 Gifts for Dear Ol’ Dad

June 5th, 2013|

Top 10 Gifts for Dear Ol' Dad

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The Art…Infusing Childhood Memories into Chocolate

April 22nd, 2013|

Christine grew up in a bakery,  she never knew a life outside of hard work, early hours, pride in your trade and sweets. You can recognize these traits and a lifetime of passion when you bite into The Baker's Daughter truffles. 

There are no short cuts to perfection.  Hand made molds and tried and true recipies of uniquely blended ingredients create imaginative palates of flavors.  The art... infusing childhood memories into chocolate.   Remember guncaps?  Let your inner child experience guncaps aroma infused in a rich, creamy dark chocolate.  Chai tea? The consense is; it tastes like Christmas.  No need for a campfire, bite into this sweet morsal and taste graham cracker with the smooth layer of marshmellow and finish with rich chocolate.  This will leave you wanting S'more.   It just keeps getting better with wasabi and peanut, lavender and jasmine tea truffles.  Christine's creativity seems boundless and her vase collection of decadent chocolates will please any chocolate lover's appetite.  

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Spring Storage Tips by The Laundress

March 26th, 2013|

I love getting ready for the next season almost as much as I love The Laundress products.  No matter how much I enjoy wearing my favorite cashmere sweater or the perfect knee high boots, come spring time, I’m ready to wear something fresh and inviting.

Here are some helpful tips on storing your favorite fall and winter wares so you can love wearing them again in the seasons to come. 

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Paper Wreaths from Remnants

June 14th, 2012|

Paper Wreaths by Do Me a FavoWrapping gifts is our business.  Our love of paper makes it difficult to discard any cuttings. We created an a fun way to embellish our packages, doors, and ceiling to inspire the use of paper.

Here are instructions on how to create your paper wreath.

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The Beauty of Decanting

June 11th, 2012|



When selecting a gift for someone, that enjoys a drink now and then, a decanter is sure to please.  Decanting wine has been practiced for centurys.  It helps separate the sediment in older wines and helps a young wines' bouquet...blossom.  Decanting isn't just for wine, as it can release the aroma and enhance the flavor of spirits, liquor, and even champagne and sparkling win

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Bath Salts, the Gift of Well Being.

May 4th, 2012|

After a long day what better way to relax than in a warm bath? Bath salts are proven to enhance the way you feel. Whether you are tired, sore or managing chronic pain, there are many therapeutic benefits of soaking in bath salts that fit every life style. Soaking in bath salts can release tension, ease your joints and increase circulation.

Salt Bar at Do Me a Favor

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What to Get a Graduate

April 16th, 2012|

It’s that time of year again. You get the opportunity to watch loved ones go through new changes in their lives as they graduate and move forward. But what do you get that graduate to make their transitions that much more special? Our team has come up with some areas of interest to consider when selecting a gift for the graduate along with some suggested items that are useful, sentimental and unique gift ideas.

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Bee-line to the honeycomb

September 26th, 2011|

This beautiful block of natural honeycomb caught my eye when at market.  It was so fresh and interesting, I had to try it.  Light, smooth, and surprisingly delicate; this honeycomb spread easily over my baguette and was a perfect pairing with warm brie.  Truly the bees knees.
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World of Weaving

June 20th, 2011|

Scarf by Suzanne Cali

Do you ever wonder what goes into creating that favorite scarf or shawl you bought at a local boutique or department store?  I guess I always appreciated the beauty of woven articles, but it wasn't until I met Suzanne Cali, artisan and weaver, that I discovered the world of weaving.    

The actual process of running the weft over the warp, is a small percent of the work that goes into creating a handmade textile.  Weaving makes up only 10% of the process.  The pattern must first be designed and the thread selected.

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